Chapter 4: Program Administration


Section 1: Procedures

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Material Maintained

Relocation assistance offices must maintain and provide the following information for each ROW project:

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  • Current information on availability, purchase prices, and rental costs of decent, safe, and sanitary (DSS) residential dwellings available in the area. TxDOT is responsible for providing each residential displacee at least one comparable replacement dwelling similar to his original ownership/tenancy status. If the displacee desires alternate housing or change in ownership/tenancy status, make reasonable effort to accommodate his desire. Current information on the availability, purchase price, and rental cost of suitable commercial and farm properties for displaced businesses.
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  • Current information on security deposits, closing costs, typical down payments, interest rates, and terms.
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  • Maps showing locations of schools, parks, playgrounds, and retail businesses.
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  • Schedules, routes, and costs for public transportation.
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  • Copies of TxDOT’s Relocation Assistance booklet.
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  • Apartment directories and multiple listing services, as available. Keep neighborhood and metropolitan newspapers that provide information on properties for sale or rent.
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Delivery of Payment

Deliver relocation payments to payees personally or by certified mail with return receipt requested. These payments must not be delivered by persons who:

When payment is delivered personally, document the project file with a receipt signed by the payee including the:

The relocation agent may go with the person delivering the payment to identify the payee.

These provisions also apply when relocation payments and services are administered by other agencies under contract or under agreement with TxDOT.

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Coordination of Relocation Assistance Activities

Coordinate TxDOT relocation assistance activities with other project work tasks and other State, Federal, and local agencies causing displacement. This coordination provides consistent treatment to displacees and reduces duplication of activities.

TxDOT should not compete with private enterprise when providing relocation assistance.

TxDOT must avoid involvement in a displacee’s private affairs.

TxDOT should try to prevent fraud, waste and mismanagement associated with relocation assistance.

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