Section 2: Replacement Housing Inspection

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Before making a replacement housing payment or releasing a payment from escrow, TxDOT must establish by inspection whether the replacement dwelling is DSS. This determination will be made solely for determining eligibility of displacees for payment here described. Inspections are also required on dwellings purchased by long-term owners when increased interest payments or incidental costs are paid, even though a housing supplement is not paid. Encourage a displacee to request a preliminary inspection by TxDOT before purchasing or occupying of a replacement dwelling to verify that the dwelling meets DSS standards. Handle inspections involving inter-district relocations as a coordinated effort between the involved R/W-PD. For displaced persons relocating out-of-state, submit a written request for inspection and all applicable information to ROW Division HQ for forwarding to the appropriate State.

A replacement dwelling selected by TxDOT for supplement computations and/or referred to a residential displacee will be inspected before being made available to the displacee to verify that it meets standards for DSS housing.

Document replacement housing inspections on form ROW-R-116, Replacement Housing Inspection, and support, when possible, with clear photographs of the inspected dwelling. Record any defect in the dwelling on this form. If the inspection reveals that the replacement housing is not DSS, it should not be used as a comparable dwelling.

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