Section 2: Replacement Housing Inspection

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Prior to computing a replacement housing supplement, and prior to making the selected comparable dwelling available to a residential displacee, TxDOT shall confirm by physical inspection that the comparables listed on form ROW-R-107 Supplemental Payment Estimate, Replacement Housing meet DSS standards.

All housing inspections shall be documented on form ROW-R-116 Replacement Housing Inspection, and supported with clear photographs of the inspected dwelling. Any defect in the dwelling shall be recorded on this form. If the inspection reveals that the replacement housing does not meet DSS standards, it shall not be used as a comparable dwelling.

In order to determine the displacee's eligibility to receive a replacement housing payment, TxDOT’s physical inspection shall confirm the replacement dwelling meets DSS standards prior to releasing the payment to the displacee. If a residential displacee is not eligible to receive a housing supplement, but is eligible for payments of increased interest or incidental costs, a physical inspection confirming the replacement dwelling meets DSS standards is required.

TxDOT shall encourage a displacee to request a preliminary inspection before purchasing or occupying a replacement dwelling to confirm it meets DSS standards. Inspections involving inter-district relocations shall be coordinated between the involved ROW PD offices. TxDOT shall assist a displacee relocating out-of-state by submitting a written request for a DSS inspection, along with all applicable information, to the appropriate State.

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