Section 2: Review Procedure for Appeals

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Handling Reviews

Reviews are handled in the following manner.

If a displacee is denied the full payment he believes he should receive, he may file a written application for review with R/W-PD. The application must identify the type and amount of relocation payment denied and state the reasons for the applicant’s review request.

The District Engineer or his designee will promptly evaluate the review request and facts regarding the applicant’s grievance and should personally meet the applicant. If the grievance is justified, promptly offer the claimed relocation assistance or benefit payment to the applicant. If the claim is disallowed, promptly notify the applicant in writing of the determination and of the applicant’s right to have his grievance reviewed by TxDOT’s Relocation Assistance Review Committee. In this notification, include a full explanation of any disallowed claim and the basis for the decision.

If the displacee is still dissatisfied, he may request a review by TxDOT’s Relocation Assistance Review Committee. A displacee who chooses this action will be furnished form ROW-R-109, Request for Review of Relocation Payment. If he chooses not to use form ROW-R-109, the Committee will consider his grievance if submitted in writing.

The Request for Review of Relocation Payment will be submitted to R/W-PD along with any supporting documents provided by the applicant.

R/W-PD will promptly forward to ROW Division HQ the original, through interoffice mail, and a PDF version, via e-mail, of the claimant’s review request, together with the District Engineer’s review findings, recommendation, and signature, along with the original of all information R/W-PD has relating to the claimant’s application. Retain one copy of the claimant’s review request and related information in R/W-PD files.

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