Section 6: Searching for Replacement Operating Site

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A displaced business, farm operation, or NPO may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses in searching for a replacement site, not exceeding $2,500.00. Expenses may include those for transportation, meals (excluding tips and alcohol), lodging, and the reasonable value of time spent in the search of a replacement location, obtaining permits/attending zoning hearings and time spent in negotiating the purchase of a replacement site based on a reasonable salary or earnings.

Real estate agent/broker search fees are eligible, but sales commissions associated with the purchase of the replacement location are not eligible.

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Receipted Bills

Paid receipted bills must support all expenses claimed, except the displacee’s search time. Meals need an itemized receipt. When a displaced business or business owner’s vehicle is used and receipts for transportation expenses are not available, transportation expenses may be supported by documented miles traveled. The mileage rate must be the same as that paid by TxDOT for employees’ personal cars used for business. Eligible expenses for lodging include the daily room rate, in an amount not to exceed 20% of the state rate in the search area, and any applicable taxes. The paid lodging receipt must include the dates of arrival and departure and the daily room and tax rates.

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Time Spent in Search

Payment for the displacee’s search time must be based on reasonable earnings for the searching person. A certified statement of the time and dates spent searching must accompany the claim.

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