Section 3: Special Features

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In “last resort housing” situations when replacement housing is provided by new construction or rehabilitation, passive energy conservation features may be included in the new dwellings if their use agrees with prevailing construction standards and climate in the area. Expensive advanced energy systems and experimental “state-of-the-art” measures are not eligible.

All attachments to a contractor estimate, to include floor plan sketches, specification sheets, and appraisal checklists, whether on his own forms or those furnished by ROW PD, shall be acknowledged by the contractor as the basis of his estimate. Submit a copy of the estimate, including attachments, with form ROW-R-107 Supplemental Payment Estimate, Replacement Housing. The estimate shall include a contractor statement indicating how long his estimate is valid and the probable construction time required. If a reasonable fee, not to exceed that normally charged for construction estimates in the area, is submitted by the contractor, forward it to ROW Division HQ in agreement with Payment of Cost Estimates.

When available replacement housing lacks specific facilities (e.g., wheelchair ramps, extra wide doorways) needed by a disabled displacee for ingress, egress, or functional use, add the cost of providing such facilities to the replacement housing or rent supplement. Explain the need for added facilities in the remarks section of form ROW-R-107 Supplemental Payment Estimate, Replacement Housing, and support the costs by a written estimate from a contractor willing to perform the work. The facilities must be in place before the property is approved as a DSS dwelling and before a replacement housing payment is made. Support payment for such facilities by receipted bills or similar evidence of costs.

When payment is required to obtain a cost estimate for construction or other work referred to in the preceding section Alternatives, ROW PD may contact several local contractors to determine who would provide the estimate and how much the estimate would cost. These estimate preparation fees may be obtained orally or in writing. Furnish each contractor with specifications and requirements on which to base his fee for preparing an estimate. ROW PD files must contain the contractor’s name, the date, and the fee charged for preparing his estimate. ROW PD files shall also contain documentation justifying the contractor used and verifying that construction charges or services are known to be reasonable and reliable.

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