Section 5: To Whom Payment Made

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Relocation assistance payments shall be made directly to the eligible displaced individual(s) on residential displacements, and whenever possible, the name of the business, farm or NPO on non-residential displacements.

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Moving Expenses - Direct Payment to Vendor

By written agreement between TxDOT, the displacee and the vendor, the displacee may present an unpaid moving invoice to the agency for direct payment to the vendor. All parties shall complete, date, and fully execute form ROW-R-DPV Agreement for Direct Payment to Vendor. For purposes of this agreement, the displacee is the claimant as shown on form ROW-R-99 Claim for Actual Moving Expenses. Payment shall be made to the vendor as shown in block 7 on form ROW-R-99 Claim for Actual Moving Expenses.

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Replacement Housing Payments

Before the displacee can receive a supplement payment, ROW PD must certify that he has occupied DSS replacement housing. No supplemental payment shall be denied until the displacee has been notified of the possible disallowance, and ample time has been given (at least 90 days) to occupy a DSS dwelling.

Upon receipt of the displacee’s written request, TxDOT may make a housing payment directly to the lessor for rent or to the seller for purchase of a DSS dwelling. When a qualified displacee submits a written request for a replacement housing payment prior to the move, the claim shall be processed in the usual manner. However, the warrant shall be held at the ROW PD office, and not delivered until he purchases or rents and occupies a DSS replacement dwelling.

When the displaced owner-occupant owns only a fractional interest in the acquired dwelling, refer to Multiple Ownership of Subject Dwelling for the procedure to use in preparing the payment request for a replacement housing supplement.

Computation of a rent supplement establishes only the upper limits of the supplement. If the displacee rents a DSS replacement dwelling for an amount less than that used in computing the supplement, base the payment submission on the lesser amount. The payment submission shall be documented with the amount of rent paid for the replacement dwelling.

Actual down payment, and related eligible incidental expenses, may be fully reimbursed if they total no more than the approved rent supplement.

The following are examples.

EXAMPLE: Actual down payment: $5,000

Incidental expenses: $250

Total Cost : $5,250

Approved Rent Supplement: $4,000

State Reimbursement: $4,000

EXAMPLE: Actual down payment: $2,000

Incidental expenses: $300

Total Cost: $2,300

Approved Rent Supplement: $4,000

State Reimbursement: $2,300

EXAMPLE: Actual down payment: $8,000

Incidental expenses: $200

Total Cost: 8,200

Approved Rent Supplement: $4,000

State Reimbursement: $4,000

The displacee may put down any amount he desires above the required down payment plus incidental expenses. The total payment cannot be more than the approved rental supplement. All eligible costs to the displacee must be documented on the fully executed settlement statement or with paid receipts.

When a last resort rent supplement is used for purchasing a replacement dwelling, the payment amount is governed by provisions described in Computation of Payments on last resort rental payments for 90-day tenant-occupants, less than 90-day owner-occupants, and late residential occupants.

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Increased Interest Payments

Make an increased interest payment directly to the mortgagee of the replacement dwelling on receipt of written instructions from the displacee. When a displacee qualifies for an increased interest payment, and upon his specific request, make an advance payment into escrow before the displacee moves. However, do not deliver payment to the displacee until he purchases and occupies a DSS replacement dwelling.

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Expense Verifications

Before processing an application for payment, verify the following, as applicable:

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  • On actual cost moves, review the paid receipts to ensure such costs are attributable to, and under the financial limits of eligible moving expenses. If there is any question as to the actual amount or authenticity of a paid receipt, verify the receipt with the person or firm that executed the receipt.
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  • On self-moves, confirm that the relocatee performed all work on which the approved payment amount was based.
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