Chapter 12: Database

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Section 1: Crossing Database

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Crossing Identification Numbering System

Every at-grade or grade separated crossing is assigned a unique U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) identification number, also referred to as a DOT number, consisting of six numeric characters and an alphabetic character. This applies to all public and private crossings.

At at-grade crossing locations, the DOT number is typically seen on the Emergency Notification Sign (ENS) at the crossing or on a sign found on the railroad cabin.

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FRA Database

The FRA maintains a database with data on public and private crossings within the United States. The database contains information for each crossing, including:

  • inventory form with basic information about the crossing
  • crash reports filed with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
  • contact information
  • historical changes to the inventory data.

Data on the FRA website is updated continually on request by both railroad companies and public agencies to the FRA. The crossing inventory form submitted to the FRA includes data provided by both the railroad company and by roadway authority. The TxDOT Traffic Operations Division-Rail Safety Section (TRF-RSS) is the only agency in Texas authorized to update the public portion of the FRA Database.

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