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Section 4: Design Phase

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Exhibit A and Traffic Control Plan

The District prepares the Exhibit A plan set describing the work to be done at the crossing, along with a traffic control plan (TCP). All plan sheets and non-standard TCPs must be signed, sealed, and dated by a licensed professional engineer.

Whenever practical, the highway should be closed for 36-48 hours and traffic detoured during construction, allowing the railroad company to replank the entire roadway in order to reduce construction time and provide a more durable crossing surface. Closing one side at a time, a typical practice on roadway construction projects, is usually not feasible on replanking projects due to issues in matching grades on the crossing surface panels and mobilization of railroad company crews. However, the crossing may be replanked at night, or on a weekend in some cases, and this should be noted on the Exhibit A. Alternatively, a temporary riprap crossing adjacent to the roadway may be deployed if the roadway cannot be closed.

For details on how to develop an Exhibit A plan set, see Chapter 7 of this manual.

TRF-RSS will review and approve Exhibit A’s prior to preparing the individual project agreement. Each Exhibit A is uploaded into the TRIMS Project Management Module by TRF-RSS.

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Railroad Company Approval

TRF-RSS will issue a letter to each railroad company with crossings on the Exhibit L and associated crossing data. The railroad companies will review the list, and comment on any crossings as necessary. After all comments are resolved, the railroad companies send a signed letter to TRF-RSS to:

  • approve crossings on the list
  • verify crossing data shown on the list
  • clarify who will perform replanking work (railroad company forces or contractor).
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Cost Estimates

If a Master Agreement which includes a provision for lump sum payment does not exist, TRF-RSS provides the Exhibit A to the railroad company to produce an estimate for work involved in replanking the crossing. Items not eligible for reimbursement include rails, tie plates, rail anchors, track spikes, and other material or labor intrinsic to maintenance of the railroad tracks.

The District also prepares a cost estimate for labor and materials provided by the District, although this work is not funded out of the Replanking Program.

TRF-RSS will review and approve railroad company cost estimates prior to preparing the individual project agreement. For further information on reviewing railroad company cost estimates, see Chapter 2 of this manual.

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