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Section 5: Project Closeout

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Inventory Updates

Digital photographs are taken by the District Railroad Coordinator after construction is complete. For at-grade crossings, there are six photos taken:

  • DOT number (usually on Emergency Notification Sign or on railroad cabin)
  • facing north (whether it be looking up the road or up the track)
  • facing east
  • facing south
  • facing west
  • crossing surface.

On overpass or underpass projects, only a photo of the DOT number (written on a sheet of paper) and one (1) photo of the bridge showing the roadway and rail line is needed. Any work performed at locations not at crossings does not require photos.

The District Railroad Coordinator is responsible for uploading the photos and updating crossing inventory data in TRIMS.

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DOT Numbers

On construction or railroad capital improvement projects that introduce new crossings (at-grade or grade separated), the railroad company or industry must obtain a new DOT number for the crossing. The DOT number is typically assigned by the railroad company, but may be issued by TRF-RSS in some cases.

Other projects which will require new DOT numbers assigned for existing crossings include:

  • converting an at-grade crossing to a grade separated crossing or vice versa
  • converting an underpass to overpass or vice versa
  • relocated at-grade crossing (usually).

A widened crossing typically would not require a new DOT number.

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Completion Letter

After passing final inspection on construction, FSP, and replanking projects, the District issues a Completion Letter to the railroad company requesting a final invoice within 90 days from the date of the letter. The Completion Letter is uploaded by the District Railroad Coordinator into the TRIMS Project Management Module, with a copy to TRF-RSS and FIN. The Completion Letter is typically submitted with the final inspection report.

TRF-RSS will:

  • verify photos have been uploaded in TRIMS
  • verify crossing inventory is updated correctly in TRIMS
  • verify crossing inventory is updated correctly in the FRA database
  • verify all project documents have been uploaded in TRIMS
  • upload a Project Completion Checklist in TRIMS
  • enter a completion date for the project in TRIMS.

Any discrepancies identified during final project review will be identified and corrected prior to the completion date being entered in TRIMS.

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As-Built Drawings

On FSP projects, the District Railroad Coordinator will arrange to prepare as-built drawings by modifying any information in the Exhibit A which may have changed during construction. Typical changes would include:

  • distances from railroad warning devices and railroad cabin from roadway and rail line
  • side and back light adjustments
  • signing and striping
  • other changes from plan design.

As-built drawings are not required on replanking projects. On construction projects, the as-built drawings are completed for the entire construction project.

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5% Cost Reimbursement

On projects including a 5% cost participation from the railroad, the District Railroad Coordinator will notify TRF-RSS in writing when traffic has been shifted onto the new roadway and the at-grade crossing has been removed. TRF-RSS will issue a letter to the railroad company requesting that the 5% cost participation amount shown in the C&M Agreement be paid to TxDOT.

FIN will confirm with TRF-RSS and the District when payment has been received. Receipt of payment from FIN is uploaded into TRIMS by TRF-RSS.

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