Chapter 6: Railroad Capital Improvement Projects

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Section 1: Overview

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Projects initiated by the railroad companies are referred to as railroad capital improvement projects. Some common railroad capital improvement projects that may impact highways and TxDOT rights-of-way are:

  • adding new track parallel to an existing track
  • adding a spur track to an industry customer
  • maintenance, such as replacement of ties, rail, and ballast including at-grade crossing work
  • underpass bridge inspection, repair, and replacement
  • upgrades to circuitry and switching
  • adjustments related to abandoning, removing, or placing a rail line out of service
  • rail yard expansion
  • installation of new maintenance driveways.
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Capital Improvement Project Agreement Flow Chart

Figure 6-1 presents a flow chart depicting the process for obtaining a project agreement on a railroad capital improvement project.

NOTE: Not all steps are applicable to all railroad capital improvement projects. Project steps and time frames will vary depending on the scope of the project.

 Railroad Capital Improvement Project Flow Chart (click in image to see full-size image)

Figure 6-1. Railroad Capital Improvement Project Flow Chart

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