Chapter 5: Replanking Projects

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Section 1: Program Overview

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The Replanking Program, a state designated program, is used to provide dedicated state highway funds for replacing at-grade crossing surfaces located on the state highway system. This is codified in 43 TAC §7.106. The TxDOT Traffic Operations Division-Rail Safety Section (TRF-RSS) manages the program.

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Program Authorization and Funding

The Replanking Program is managed under Category 10 (Supplemental Transportation Projects) of the UTP as a bank balance allocation program. Each year, the Texas Transportation Commission authorizes the total amount of funding and the method of project selection. This provides flexibility within each program year to cancel and add projects to the program without Commission action. It is funded with 100% state funds, excluding any cost participation from railroad companies. Funding for the program is typically around $3.5 million annually.

Program funds are used to reimburse the railroad company for labor and materials involved in replacing crossing surface panels (concrete or other), but not rail, ties, or ballast.

Program funds are not typically used for:

  • traffic control and detours
  • advertising roadway closures in advance on portable changeable message signs
  • engineering labor in developing Exhibit A layouts
  • roadway work (level up to match crossing surface panels)
  • any base material or concrete work directly beneath subballast at crossing
  • temporary riprap crossings installed adjacent to the at-grade crossing if roadway cannot be closed during construction
  • striping (and signing as needed).

These activities are funded out of the District maintenance budget.

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Ineligible Crossings

The following types of at-grade crossings are ineligible for the Replanking Program:

  • Private crossings
  • Closed, out of service, or abandoned crossings
  • Off system crossings (roadway owned by local government, not TxDOT)
  • Locations where the railroad crossed TxDOT right-of-way via a spur permit or other agreement.

Additionally, any crossing locations identified for replanking which may have an existing construction project should be funded and constructed under the construction project.

An at-grade crossing may use funding from both the FSP and Replanking Programs to fund safety and surface upgrades if the crossing qualifies under the prioritization scheme of both programs.

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Replanking Project Agreement Flow Chart

Figure 5-1 presents a flow chart depicting the process for obtaining a project agreement for a replanking project.

NOTE: Not all steps are applicable to all replanking projects. Project steps and time frames will vary depending on the scope of the project.

Replanking Project Flow Chart. (click in image to see full-size image)

Figure 5-1. Replanking Project Flow Chart.

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