Chapter 4: Safety Projects (Federal Railroad Signal Program)

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Section 1: Overview

Federal Railroad Signal Program (FSP)

The Federal Railroad Signal Program (FSP) is funded under the Surface Transportation Program (STP), Title 23, United States Code (USC) Section 130. It is managed by the TxDOT Traffic Operations Division-Rail Safety Section (TRF-RSS) under Category 8 (Safety) of the Unified Transportation Program (UTP) as a bank balance allocation program. Each year, the Texas Transportation Commission authorizes the total amount of funding and the method of project selection. This provides flexibility within each program year to cancel and add projects to the program without Commission action.

The FSP is funded with 90% federal and 10% state funds. Funding for the program is typically around $15 million annually, with funds set aside from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) out of Category 8, excluding any cost participation from local governments and railroad companies.

All open public at-grade crossings are eligible for the FSP, except for industry spur track crossings located on the state highway system where the spur track has crossed an existing highway.

Typical safety projects include:

  • installation/adjustment of railroad lights and gates
  • traffic signal preemption
  • crossing closures
  • crossing corridor improvements
  • signing and striping improvements
  • roadway or crossing surface improvements.

Any crossing locations identified for safety upgrades via the FSP which may have an existing construction project should be funded and constructed under the construction project unless TRF-RSS Management and the District agree otherwise.

FSP Project Agreement Flow Chart

Figure 4-1 presents a flow chart depicting the process for obtaining a project agreement on a Federal Railroad Signal Program (FSP) project.

NOTE: NOTE: Not all steps are applicable to all FSP projects. Project steps and time frames will vary depending on the scope of the project.

FSP Project Flow Chart (click in image to see full-size image)

Figure 4-1. FSP Project Flow Chart

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