Chapter 1: About This Manual


Section 1: Overview

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This manual documents policy on the use of bridge railing in Texas and provides guidance on selection of railing. The manual is intended for use by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) District and Division personnel and consultants employed by TxDOT.

Updates to the manual are summarized in the following table.

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Publication Date

Summary of Changes


December 2001

New manual.


February 2002

Revision adding information on acceptability of T6 railing types for use limited to low speed applications.


August 2003

Revision adding information about acceptability of in-place railing that complies with NCHRP-230 requirements, adding information about railing on culverts, adding information about railing on bridges scheduled for maintenance overlays, adding information about the T502 and C502 railing types, adding profile sketches and information about minimum heights after maintenance overlays for specific railing types, and clarifying bridge slope requirements.


June 2005

Revision removing references to C101 metal railing, adding references to the Rail Anchorage Curb Retrofit standard drawing, and adding descriptions of the following new railings: T401, T402, C402, and T77 metal and concrete railing, and T221, C221, and B221 concrete railing.


May 2006

Revision updating state policy on railing for bridge-class culverts, identifying railings that are acceptable but no longer used for new construction, adding an index, and making minor editorial corrections.


April 2012

Represents a rewrite of a majority of the previous version. As a result, it is not practical to highlight the changes. Generally, revisions to incorporate provisions of the AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware; include an expanded list of acceptable rail types; and clarify treatment of existing bridge railing based on type of project. Please consult this version in its entirety as the prevailing TxDOT bridge railing policy.


May 2013

Revision updating FHWA policy on railing, updating state policy regarding rail on retaining wall, adding new rail type T131RC, updating state policy on existing rail, identifying railings that are acceptable but no longer used for new construction, and updating combination rails acceptable for high speed use.


December 2014

The revisions in this version add new rail types T1P, T631, T631LS, and C66; clarify measuring railing height; define speed; add policy for bridge railing ends; add policy for railing on retaining walls; add heights to Table 4-2; add requirements for upgrading pedestrian railing; certify reimbursement eligible safety hardware; and add railing placement figures.


June 2016

The revisions in this version add new railing types T221P and T224; update the test level (TL) for select railings; add the AASHTO/FHWA joint memo for MASH implementation; add steel barriers for temporary use; update combination railings acceptable for high-speed use.


June 2018

The revisions in this version add new railing types T2P, C2P, T222, PR11, and PR22; updated the test level (TL) for railing types T551 and T552; moved railing types T77, PR1, and PR2 from current to existing; and updated combination railings acceptable for high-speed use.

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The information in this manual is organized as follows:

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Direct any questions or comments on the content of the manual to the Director of the Bridge Division, Texas Department of Transportation.

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