Appendix A: Current Standard Bridge Railings in Texas


Section 1: Overview

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Sections 2 through 4 of this appendix provide descriptions of current bridge railing types acceptable for new construction, including the crash-test criteria used for testing and approved test level of the railing, as applicable.

Texas bridge railing type names use alphanumeric sequences, usually observing the following conventions:

The "nominal face of rail" is 1-ft. from the outside edge of bridge slabs, regardless of actual physical dimensions. Types T66, T224, T80TT, C412, and C66 railings are exceptions. Their "nominal face of rail" is set at 1.5-ft. from the outside edge of bridge slabs.

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More Information

For more detailed information on Texas bridge railing, refer to the TxDOT Bridge Division Railing Standards.

For information about crash-tested railing currently available or about railing currently under design, contact the TxDOT Bridge Division.

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