Section 2: Final Closing of Projects

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Preparation for Closing ROW Projects

Before submitting the request for final closing of a project, the ROW staff should verify that:

During final closing submission, check ROW records as to the disposition of all parcels for which values were approved, and determine whether the ROW Division was notified. If it appears that there are parcels having approved values that are not to be acquired, these parcels should have a parcel status of “clear for construction” in ROWIS.

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Submission for Closing ROW Projects

When all ROW is acquired, all improvements disposed of and all expenses paid and properly charged on a ROW project, submit one hardcopy of the final ROW map and one electronic copy, if available, a copy of the Parcel Summary Report by Project from ROWIS, and closeout request to the ROW Division.

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Closing of the ROW Project

ROW staff's closing submission is reviewed by the ROW Division and then sent to the Finance Division for the actual close out and cancellation of any remaining funds. Before any project is closed, give special attention to see that all costs are in and the construction project is completed and closed.

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