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Section 7: Acronyms and Definitions

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Acronyms and Definitions

CRIA – Cooperative Research and Implementation Agreement

DDO – Refers to TxDOT districts, divisions, and offices.

FPAA – Federal Project Authorization & Agreement, issued by FHWA to obligate funds to TxDOT projects and work programs.

IPR – Implementation Project Recommendation.

NCHRP – National Cooperative Highway Research Program, administered by the Transportation Research Board.

OPR – Office of Primary Responsibility.

PA – Project Advisor, an individual who provides additional expertise on a PMC to assist the Project Director.

PM – An RTI Research Project Manager who manages research and implementation projects for TxDOT from initiation of concept throughout the life of the project.

Portfolio Manager – An RTI Research Project Manager who manages the research and implementation project portfolio for the TxDOT RTI Office.

Project Review Board - TxDOT Administration who provide final review and approval of projects.

Project Team – TxDOT Project Team members or stakeholders included in the Project for Technical expertise.

PS – Project Supervisor, a qualified individual, sometimes referred to as the Principal Investigator, or Research Supervisor assigned by the University to supervise the University’s work on a specific project.

RD&T – Research, Development, and Technology Transfer activity.

RTI – TxDOT’s Research and Technology Implementation Office, responsible for managing TxDOT’s research and implementation programs.

SPR – State Planning and Research Program.

TxDOT – Texas Department of Transportation.

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