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Section 2: Agency Direction

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  • People are TxDOT’s most important customer, asset, and resource. The well-being, safety, and quality of life for Texans and the traveling public are of the utmost concern to TxDOT. We focus on relationship building, customer service, and partnerships.


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  • We accept responsibility for our actions and promote open communication and transparency at all times.


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  • We strive to earn and maintain confidence through reliable and ethical decision-making.


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  • We conduct ourselves with the highest degree of integrity, respect, and truthfulness.
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  • Forward thinking leader delivering mobility, enabling economic opportunity, and enhancing quality of life for all Texans.
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Mission Statement

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TxDOT Priorities

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  • Be the safest DOT in the United States.
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  • Further strengthen and enhance our relationship with Metropolitan Planning Organizations, local governments, and other key stakeholders.
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  • Act as a resource for transportation funding.
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  • Research transportation technology solutions.
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  • Develop innovative maintenance approaches that reduce costs and improve and preserve transportation system conditions.
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  • Develop effective information systems.
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