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Section 2: Product Evaluation Committee

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The Research and Technology Implementation Division (RTI), TxDOT divisions, and districts provide employees to serve on the Product Evaluation Committee. These employees are selected for their expertise in performing preliminary evaluations of new products. The PEC typically includes representatives from:

For a list of current members, contact RTI.

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The Product Evaluation Committee (PEC) serves as TxDOT’s clearinghouse for coordinating the evaluation of commercially available products for which department specifications do not exist. Products evaluated by the PEC are generally assigned to a division for review. The division and relevant subject matter expert review comments form a strong basis for the final PEC determination.

The PEC does not endorse products. Their review and evaluation is limited to determining if a product may be useful in department operations, and whether it is a product the department may wish to procure.

A representative of the division assigned to evaluate the product is responsible for the monitoring and final decision for the particular product assigned. This responsibility includes developing criteria by which to accept, reject, or defer a product for further testing. Either laboratory or field testing may be recommended. All conclusive evidence of the evaluation determination is submitted to RTI, to be maintained as records of the Product Evaluation Program.

All communications shall come from RTI; emails and letters of the product evaluation initiation to outcome.

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