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Section 3: Product Evaluation Process

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Product Evaluations Received

Product information is submitted directly to RTI via the New Product Evaluation Form 1684 and sending it to with any other testing and marketing materials.

The form and all documentation is reviewed for needed redirection to a TxDOT Item Code, Specification, Special Specification, or Departmental Material Specification. If one of the aforementioned is found, the submitter is contacted and informed of proper submittal process. If no redirection documentation is found, the submission is logged and given a number, assigned to a Division Reviewer and an email is sent to the submitter with the New Product Evaluation number.

TxDOT employees outside of RTI who are approached by a vendor should refer the vendor directly to RTI or the New Product Evaluation website, if the vendor wishes to submit a request.

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Evaluation of Interest

The appropriate Division is determined to evaluate the New Product. The decision is based on the implied product use.

Initial new product evaluations are performed based on the product information submitted. These initial reviews do not typically include a test of the product itself, but may conclude that testing of the product is necessary before a final conclusion can be reached. It can also determine that a product should not be evaluated based on other issues, such as the type of product being of no apparent use within department operations.

Divisions can recommend product evaluations to be moved to other divisions or the inclusion of multiple divisions in the evaluation process. RTI then sends the request/ all submitted information to Division Lead. The Division(s) member determines if there is an interest for use by TxDOT District Offices.

If there is no interest, a ‘No Interest’ letter is sent to the submitter.

If testing is considered necessary, the vendor will be notified and asked to provide a sample of the product for testing, at no cost to TxDOT. Only those products provided at no cost to TxDOT will be further tested under the New Product Evaluation Program.

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Determine the New Product Evaluation Steps

The Division decides the type of evaluation required of a new product; to be reviewed by the Division, put through laboratory testing, or within a District Project.

Documentation of the evaluation shall include:

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  1. Testing Criteria: Define variables of the evaluation for the outcome:
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    1. Favorable
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    3. Unfavorable
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  3. Timeline
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  5. Site visits with observations of results and performance
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    1. Work with Districts to find Projects to use Project on.
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    3. Request vendor to install product on District project.
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Communication with evaluators and the submitter

After the review of the results of the performance with the evaluators against the testing criteria, the outcome of the New Product Evaluation is determined; Favorable, Unfavorable, or Further Testing is required. RTI shall communicate the results to the submitter.

Products that receive a ‘No Interest Letter’ may resubmit after (12) months. Products that receive an ‘Unfavorable Evaluation’ may be submitted after (6) months. RTI requests updates on New Products under evaluation from Evaluating Divisions on a quarterly basis.

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