Chapter 5: Implementation Program Development

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Section 1: Implementation Planning

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Successful implementation of the results of a research project depends on the research results, management acceptance, management support, and how effectively the research results or technology are packaged and communicated to the end user.

RTI considers how new technologies will be accepted by management and integrated into practice by the user prior to initiation of a project and continuously reviews these issues throughout the research project. The process of integrating research results into practice depends on:

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  • a valid strategy or implementation plan,
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  • effective communication of research results to the user community (this process is sometimes termed technology transfer), and
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  • a dedicated effort by individuals involved in the project.
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Initial Planning for Implementation

Initial planning for implementation of research results begins with the development of the research Problem Statement by:

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  • identifying the problem to be addressed,
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  • identifying the stakeholders impacted by the problem,
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  • defining the objectives of the research,
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  • identifying the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for implementing the expected results and products of the research project, and
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  • defining the products desired as outcomes of the research project, including the format for delivery of the products.
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Implementation Plans

As projects near completion and deliverables are reviewed by the Project Team, a focused plan for Implementation forms. Implementation plans are developed that outline the steps necessary to incorporate research products into TxDOT operations. Research products are delivered in various formats, including stand-alone devices, handbooks, analytical tools, guidelines, specifications, training, workshops, manuals, or simple written recommendations.

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