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Section 2: Modifications

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Determining if a Modification is Required

The terms of a Project Agreement can be changed only by executing a Modification. Anytime a change to the scope, schedule, Principal Investigator or budget is required, a modification must be requested. The PMs will facilitate the Modification terms of the Project Agreement.

Modifications to the SPR Part II Work Program may occur as a result of project scope, schedule, Principal Investigator or budget change to include, but not limited to, the following provisions, 2 CFR Section 200.201, 200.308, and 200.407. The modifications are transmitted to the local FHWA Division through amendment templates requesting approval.

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Requirements for a Modification

The University submits a Change Request Form and associated working documents to the project’s PM when a Modification of a Project Agreement is required. The PM will review the submitted items with the PMC for concurrence and then forward the change request to the RTI Change Review Board for approval.

The Change Request Forms shall include information on changes to the agreement, a justification, and impact if not implemented. Enough information must be provided to enable TxDOT to make an effective and realistic initial evaluation of the request. Modifications are evaluated against the triggers for amending the SPR Part II Work Program in accordance with provisions found in 23 CFR 420 and 2 CFR 200 (reference Chapter 1, Section 5 of the Research Manual, subheading Modifications to the Work Program). Once approved, the PM and CS will work with the University to draft a formal agreement modification.

As required, the CS will also begin prepping an SPR Part II Work Program amendment detailing the modification being requested. The program amendment is then submitted to the local FHWA Division Administrator for final approval. No work shall begin prior to having approval by the local FHWA Division Administrator. Once approved by FHWA, the Modification is then executed by TxDOT and the University. Each university Liaison receives an activation list which accompanies an activation letter which reflects the changes for each project. The Activation date is the first day that work can be performed under the modified agreement.

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