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Section 3: Other Implementation Activities

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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is the term used for effective communication of research results to the user community, and is an integral part of implementation activities. The Research and Technology Implementation Office (RTI) assists in technology transfer functions in many ways. Including but not limited to:

  • monitoring the quality of deliverables,
  • creating articles about research or implementation projects for publication both inside and outside of TxDOT,
  • maintaining and enhancing the RTI web sites,
  • assisting with the creation of formal presentations of research results,
  • overseeing the maintenance of TxDOT’s transportation library, managed by the Center for Transportation Research at The University of Texas at Austin,
  • serving as the clearing house for research related information from federal agencies and other state departments of transportation,
  • maintaining information about TxDOT research activities on TRB’s Research in Progress (RIP) web site, and
  • funding technology transfer activities, such as video production, editing, printing of documents and other materials, and distribution of deliverables.
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