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Section 2: Other TxDOT Personnel

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Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)

The Office of Primary Responsibility is the TxDOT district, division, or office (DDO) which maintains responsibility for the implementation of a project. A representative from the OPR is generally assigned to the Project Team, to provide expertise from the TxDOT organization most knowledgeable of the functional area within the scope of the project.

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Research and Technology Implementation Office (RTI)

RTI manages TxDOT’s research and implementation programs, including:

  • coordinating the development of projects,
  • developing and managing research and implementation projects budgets,
  • providing technical and contracting support to all research teams,
  • tracking and supporting the implementation of research results,
  • completing required state and federal reports,
  • maintaining relevant policies and procedures, and
  • reporting program status to the Project Review Board.

The RTI Director:

  • approves modifications to active research and implementation projects.
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