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Section 3: Product Evaluation Process

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Submission of Products for Review

Product information is submitted directly to RTI, by a vendor completing a Preliminary Information for Product Evaluation form 1684.doc. TxDOT employees outside RTI who are approached by a vendor may refer the vendor directly to RTI.�

Initial product reviews are performed based on the product information submitted. These initial reviews do not typically include a test of the product itself, but may conclude that testing of the product is necessary before a final conclusion can be reached.

If testing is considered necessary, the vendor will be notified and asked to provide a sample of the product for testing, at no cost to TxDOT. Only those products provided at no cost to TxDOT will be further tested under the Product Evaluation Program.�

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Assignment for Review

The Product Evaluation Committee makes an initial assessment of whether the product should be evaluated. If TxDOT specifications currently exist for the product submitted for review, no evaluation is performed under the Product Evaluation Program, and the vendor is notified of the lack of need for further product review. The PEC may also determine that a product should not be evaluated based on other issues, such as the type of product being of no apparent use within department operations.�

If the PEC determines that the product should be evaluated, it selects a division or district to perform the evaluation. The selection is based on the functional area of TxDOT operations the product is most likely to benefit.�

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