Chapter 8: Product Evaluation Program

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Section 1: Introduction

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Purpose of the Program

The Product Evaluation Program exists to:

  • centralize and streamline the receipt and processing of vendor requests for TxDOT to evaluate new products,
  • expand field evaluation of products, and
  • communicate findings to vendors and interested department personnel.

The operations of the program are based upon administrative rules published in Title 43, Texas Administrative Code, §15.13.Types of Contracts and Programs.

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Definition of a New Product�

In the context of this program, a new product is a product or process currently available on the market for immediate acquisition for which TxDOT does not have a current specification, or a product which appears to be equal or superior to existing products covered by a specification.

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Department Commitment

The department evaluates new products to assist in the utilization of new or improved materials, products, or equipment beneficial to the total transportation effort. Some of the goals of the analysis are to determine whether a product is ready for use and whether it would be beneficial to TxDOT operations. This evaluation may involve confirming vendor data, to avoid the expenditure of public funds on research and development of commercial products.

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