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Section 4: Program Review

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Internal Review

Periodically, RTI does a comprehensive internal review of its processes. This generally results in improvements to processes and increases the efficiency of the program.

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Peer Exchange

As required by FHWA, TxDOT holds a peer exchange at the minimum of once every five years. The intent of the exchange is to discuss the Program and receive input from other state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) around the country. The peer exchange panel includes representatives from the host and other state DOT research programs as well as stakeholders and customers who can provide input on the topic of the exchange. States are encouraged to include a representative from FHWA.

The peer exchange is a chance for the department to evaluate and examine the program. RTI reviews their internal processes and identifies a few areas that they would like input from other departments. During the peer exchange, the group analyzes the agency’s policies and practices, shares case studies and experiences, and develops recommendations for improvements. The outcome of the peer exchange is intended to foster vision, ideas and best practices with peers and experts facilitates the improvement of the program. The ideas that result from the meeting are then reviewed for implementation and a summary of the meeting is then presented to FHWA and TxDOT and documented in a report that is submitted to the FHWA. Travel and other costs associated with the peer exchange will be administered by RTI pursuant to, 23 CFR 420.209. Guidance for conducting Peer Exchanges can be found on the AASHTO SCOR/RAC website. Additional information can be found in 23 CFR 420.203.

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