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Section 5: Research Library

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The Center for Transportation Research (CTR) Library, at The University of Texas at Austin is the official depository for TxDOT’s research library collection. The CTR library contains materials previously housed at TxDOT and many additional transportation related materials, from many different sources.

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Services Available to TxDOT Employees

CTR library staff maintains and operates the library as a reference and lending library, with all materials available for loan to TxDOT employees free of charge. The library’s lending policies and an on-line catalog can be found at

Library staff is available at this email address,, to:

  • help employees learn how to effectively use the on-line catalog,
  • answer queries for employees without Internet access to the catalog,
  • fulfill requests for items found through the on-line catalog,
  • search for relevant material that may be housed at CTR, but not yet listed in the on-line catalog, and
  • search other transportation related reference sources.
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