Chapter 4: Research Cycle

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Section 1: Research Cycle

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The Research Program

While projects may be initiated throughout the year, most research projects are developed through the Research Program Cycle. Multi-year projects are reviewed each year to determine whether they are progressing effectively and productively, and should continue as planned. A copy of the current TxDOT Work Program document and previous Research Program Reports are publicly available at the following website

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Development Cycle

RTI announces specific dates and provides more specific instructions annually, for TxDOT, university personnel, and Federal agency interested in projects, as to how activities will occur throughout each fiscal year.

Although most research Problem Statements are submitted based on the cycle described above, DDs are welcome to submit needs at any time of the year, and in any format. See RTI’s home page web site for forms and instructions.



Problem Statement Call

September – November

Problem Statements Due


Short list Problem Statements

November – January

Request for Proposals


Pre-proposal Meetings (when applicable)


Proposals Submitted


Proposals Evaluated


Proposals Evaluations Due

April – May

Project selection and awarding


SPR Part II Work Plan Preparation

May – June

Submission of SPR Part II Work Plan for FHWA Approval

July – August

Project Agreements Executed


Project begins


Entry of projects into RiP and TRID


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