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Section 2: Division Staff

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Staff Training and Education

RTI follows TxDOT’s and the State’s job descriptions for each of the positions that the Division’s employees hold. Therefore, all RTI employees follow the TxDOT’s required mandate regarding training. All management positions are required to attend a series of supervisor training. This training is meant to help the supervisor in their daily duties.

The Contract Specialists are required to be Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM). Project Managers are encouraged to have a Project Management certificate.

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Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

While not required, either by TxDOT or RTI, employees are encouraged to improve their knowledge in pertinent subjects. This may include continuing education offered within the agency or courses, seminars and workshops outside of the agency.

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Employee Roles

The roles listed below are not all encompassing. The person may have additional or other duties than those listed below.

Division Director – Oversees the whole program and represents the Division during high-level meetings. The Director reviews guidelines, develops policies and procedures, assigns and supervises the work of others. In addition, the Director assists in the program area, and provides guidance. The Director reviews the results of financial reports, guidelines, forecasts, internal audits, rules and regulations, and is the TRB representative for the state.

Executive Assistant – Assists the Division Director in all facets of running the division. The Executive Assistant provides support with human resource related duties, coordinates administrative matters, and prepares notices, letters and agendas.

Team Lead – Supervises and supports the Accounting Specialists and the Contract Specialists. The Team Lead oversees all contracts, budgets and manages the development of solicitations, contracts amendments, and negotiates contract specifications.

Contract Specialist – The Contract Specialist is responsible for contracts “from cradle to grave.” The Contract Specialist ensures legal and regulatory requirements regarding contracts, negotiates both contract and amendments and is responsible for providing complete and consistent information to all researchers who expressed an interest in submitting a proposal. The Contract Specialist is the primary contact for all aspects of the contract.

Portfolio Section Manager – Provides oversight to all projects and is central to the management of the processes, methods, and techniques used by the Division to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects. Maintains a strategic view of how various projects fit within the goals of the Department, and is responsible for the project prioritization and key to making program recommendations to management.

Project Manager – Oversees the project on a day-to-day basis. Project Managers interact with the University researchers and ensure that the project stays on task. Additionally, Project Mangers review all invoices, change orders and reports submitted to TxDOT and interacts with the project supervisors to ensure that projects are proceeding as planned.

Accounting Specialist – Reviews accounting records, such as expenditures, funds, appropriations, expense records, and reports. Reviews invoices to ensure that the charges are correct and processes them for payment. In addition, the Accounting Specialist will record and keep track of university and RTI expenditures.

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RTI team members may have no direct or indirect financial interest in any project they are evaluating or managing. Nor may they have family, personal, or business relationships with university employees that would create a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, between their duties as a member of a research committee or team member and their personal or business interests.

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