Chapter 8: Additional Costs from TxDOT, FHWA, and Local Participants


Section 1: Program Management

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Costs Charged to RTI by TxDOT Employees:

The Research and Technology Implementation Division (RTI) maintains a charge number for use by TxDOT employees who are involved in management of TxDOT’s research and implementation programs. This charge number is available for both time and travel charges related to program management.

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Approval for the use of RTI’s charge number is inherent in membership by a TxDOT employee if they serve on any type of review team to assist in reviewing documents or serving as a project advisor.

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FHWA Participants

FHWA participants should contact their respective FHWA administrative offices for information on charging time and travel costs associated with TxDOT’s research and implementation programs. RTI does not typically cover these costs.

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City, County, or Other Local Participants

A few members from local governmental or like entities serve on project teams in support of TxDOT’s research program. RTI does not typically cover time or travel costs for these members unless stated in the agreement.

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