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Section 3: University Personnel

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Research Team

The research team on each project is comprised of:

  • a Project Supervisor, and
  • other researchers, either professional researchers or students (generally graduate students), as needed.

The research team performs the work described in the Project Agreement, and coordinates and communicates with the Project Manager and Project Team, as needed, on all significant project matters.

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University Liaison

Each Texas state-supported university wishing to participate in TxDOT’s research program must name a central point of contact to handle communication and administration. This contact is the individual designated as the University Liaison.

The University Liaison:

  • coordinates all research and implementation program matters between the university and RTI, including for example:
    • RTI policies and procedures,
    • requests for proposals,
    • proposal submissions,
    • Project Agreements and associated correspondence,
    • requests for specific expenditure or other approvals, as outlined in RTI’s University Handbook, and
    • deliverables.
  • coordinates research and implementation program matters within their university.
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