Section 24: Category 12 - Strategic Priority

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This category is intended to give the commission some flexibility in selecting projects for construction throughout the state which may not meet other program criteria but promote economic development, provide system continuity with adjoining states and Mexico, or address other strategic needs of the state as determined by the commission.

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Projects selected for the Strategic Priority Program must be in the STIP and a district's TIP if federal-aid funds will be used to construct the projects.

Projects in this category must have the concurrence of the MPO if it is located in their area of jurisdiction.

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Project Selection

The commission selects and approves projects for this category. Each year the commission reviews and re-authorizes projects.

Only Priority 1 authorization is assigned to the projects selected for the Strategic Priority Program. Projects are authorized for PS&E completion, utilities adjustments, and construction within the next four fiscal years.

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Match for preliminary engineering, construction, and right-of-way purchase/utility adjustments will be in accordance with TxDOT's Policy for Matching Funds - Participation Ratios.

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