Section 25: Category 13A - State Funded Mobility

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This category is to address the previously approved state funded projects throughout the state.

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Projects must be on the state highway system. �

Projects that are located within an air quality non-attainment area may need to be included in the Transportation Improvement Program of the MPO.

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Project Selection

All of the projects have already been identified. Each year the projects are reviewed and re-authorized by the commission.

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Because of the additional state funding required to match the increased federal funding, and because of the increase in maintenance costs, there are not sufficient state funds to continue this program beyond the current commitment.

Match for preliminary engineering, construction, and right-of-way purchase/utility adjustments will be in accordance with TxDOT's Policy for Matching Funds - Participation Ratios.

Levels of authorization are assigned to the projects selected for development as part of the State Funded Mobility category.

  • Priority 1 - projects authorized for PS&E completion, utilities adjustments, and construction within the next four fiscal years
  • Priority 2 - projects authorized for PS&E preparation and right-of-way acquisition.
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