Section 31: Category 16 - Miscellaneous

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This category is to address projects that will not fit into any other category.

Examples of programs included in this category would be for:

  • Travel Information Centers
  • Construction Landscape Program
  • Truck Weight Stations
  • Rest Area Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Railroad Grade Crossing Replanking Program
  • Railroad Signal Maintenance Program
  • Ferry Boat Discretionary - Federal Program
  • Federal Lands Highways - Federal Program
  • Indian Reservation Highways - Federal Program
  • Forest Highways - Federal Program.

Most of the programs are state funded; however, federal funds are involved in some programs as noted above. Federal-aid projects in this category must have the concurrence of the MPO if located within their area of jurisdiction.

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Each of the miscellaneous programs is addressed to a specific type of work. The commission approves the requirements for each program.

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Allocation to District

Allocations for the various state programs are approved by the commission, with the programs managed as bank balance programs on a statewide basis with the projects evaluated, prioritized, and selected by the appropriate TxDOT division (the one responsible for the program).

The commission authorizes TxDOT's participation in the federal miscellaneous programs when federal program funds are available.

Districts receive program authority for the projects selected for inclusion in one of these miscellaneous programs.

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Match for preliminary engineering, construction, and right-of-way purchase/utility adjustments will be in accordance with TxDOT's Policy for Matching Funds - Participation Ratios.

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