Section 10: Category 4C - STP: Metropolitan Mobility/Rehabilitation

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This category is to address transportation needs within the metropolitan area boundaries of MPOs having urbanized areas with populations of 200,000 or greater.

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Projects are selected by the MPO in consultation with the districts. This program authority can be used on any roadway with a functional classification greater than a local road or rural minor collector.

All projects must be developed in accordance with the applicable federal and state environmental requirements. All projects must also be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained in accordance with state laws, regulations, directives; and safety, design, and construction standards as required by TEA-21.

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Allocation to Districts

Each urbanized area with a population in excess of 200,000 receives an annual allocation to expend each year. Allocations based on population are distributed to the TxDOT districts.

The program is managed as a bank balance program, and eligible projects (selected by the MPO) are developed by the districts on an as-needed basis. Projects can be canceled or changed as long as the program balance is not exceeded.

Additional programming authority has also been allocated to the districts for the development of plans, specifications, estimates, and right-of-way purchase. Funding of these projects can be made through upcoming Metropolitan Mobility/Rehabilitation programs.

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The federal program authority will be allocated through the district to the qualifying MPOs.

Match for preliminary engineering, construction, and right-of-way purchase/utility adjustments will be in accordance with TxDOT's Policy for Matching Funds - Participation Ratios.

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