Section 16: Category 6A & 6B - Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation: On State System Bridges and Off State System Bridges

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These two categories are to address the bridge needs to replace or rehabilitate deficient existing bridges located on the public highways, roads, and streets in the state. Category 6A is for those bridges on the state highway system, and Category 6B is for those off the state highway system.

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Bridge projects must meet eligibility criteria, including

  • being classified as functionally or structurally deficient under FHWA criteria
  • having a FHWA sufficiency rating less than 50 to be eligible for replacement, or having and FHWA sufficiency rating less than 80 to be eligible for rehabilitation.

All bridge replacements and rehabilitation must be in accordance with TxDOT's design standards.

Projects in this category must have the concurrence of the MPO if located within their area of jurisdiction.

All projects must be developed in accordance with the applicable state or federal environmental requirements. All projects must be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained in accordance with state laws, regulations, directives; and safety, design, and construction standards as required by TEA-21.

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Project Selection

The commission approves projects selected for this category. Projects are selected using a statewide prioritization process that utilizes a calculated score for each candidate bridge project. The score considers average daily traffic, cost per vehicle, bridge condition, adequacy of roadway width, and overall bridge sufficiency. The actual scoring process is referred to as the Texas Eligible Bridge Selection System (TEBSS). However, projects involving eligible candidate bridges that are appraised by TxDOT as having a “critical condition” may be selected regardless of the TEBSS score.

For off-state system projects selected under the statewide prioritization process, consideration may be given under certain circumstances to a local government’s preference to fund a substitution project. TxDOT staff will consider the justification of each proposed substitution on a case-by-case basis and prepare specific minute orders for commission action as appropriate.

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Match for preliminary engineering, construction, and right-of-way purchase/utility adjustments will be in accordance with TxDOT's Policy for Matching Funds - Participation Ratios.

Levels of authorization are assigned to the projects selected for development as part of the Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation categories.

  • Priority 1 - projects authorized for PS&E completion, utilities adjustments, and construction within the next four fiscal years
  • Priority 2 - projects authorized for PS&E preparation and right-of-way acquisition.
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