Section 4: Category 3B - Texas Trunk System

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This category is intended to address construction on the Texas Trunk System.

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These funds can be used only on portions of the Texas Trunk System. Only projects located outside cities of 50,000 or greater population will qualify for the Texas Trunk System. To achieve the accessibility and mobility goals established when the Texas Trunk System was created, the commission has identified Phase 1 corridors of the Texas Trunk System for accelerated development (Minute Order 107484, May 28, 1998). Approximately ninety percent of available Texas Trunk System funding will be dedicated to the Phase 1 corridors as projects become ready for construction contract letting. Remaining funds will be reserved for sections of the Texas Trunk System not on Phase I corridors. All Texas Trunk System projects will be limited to those which convert an existing two-lane highway into a four-lane divided highway. Relief routes or bypasses on new locations will not be constructed with this category.

All projects must be developed in accordance with applicable federal and state environmental requirements. All projects must be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained in accordance with state laws, regulations, directives; and safety, design, and construction standards as required by TEA-21.

Projects must have the concurrence of the MPO if located in their area of jurisdiction.

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Project Selection

The commission approves projects selected for this category. Phase 1 corridor project construction sequencing will be recommended by a consensus of the districts involved in the project development. Texas Trunk System projects off of Phase 1 corridors will be evaluated on a statewide basis for inclusion in the program.

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Phase I corridor construction funds will be allocated to five regions of the state based upon their remaining unfunded construction on Phase 1 corridors. The Transportation Planning and Programming Division will coordinate the sequencing of construction projects on Phase 1 corridors through regional meetings with districts involved in their development. Projects not included on Phase 1 corridors will be evaluated based on a cost-effective index (CEI). Consideration will also be given to the investment already made in a project by both TxDOT and local entities.

Match for preliminary engineering, construction, and right-of-way purchase/utility adjustments will be in accordance with TxDOT's Policy for Matching Funds - Participation Ratios.

Levels of authorization are assigned to the projects selected for development as part of the Texas Trunk System.

  • Priority 1 - projects authorized for PS&E completion, utilities adjustments, and construction within the next four fiscal years
  • Priority 2 - projects authorized for PS&E preparation and right-of-way acquisition.
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