Section 5: Fund Apportionment and Allocation

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Program Levels

Program levels are reviewed and established annually for each of the UTP categories. These levels are set considering compliance with federal code and regulations, state statutes, TxDOT transportation priorities and goals, state transportation needs, and available funding.

This function includes distribution of federal apportionments to the UTP categories. Some of the federal-aid programs require sub-allocations to specific categories, while several programs permit considerable flexibility in the use of the funds, including transferability between programs.

Figure 2.1 graphically illustrates the allocation of funds apportioned in each of the federal-aid programs to the UTP categories that involve federal funds. The sub-allocation of funds as required by federal law is also illustrated. For detailed information on the administration of federal-aid programs, refer to TEA-21 fact sheets accessible from a link on the TxDOT Internet at

Allocation of Federal Funds. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i999351grtop

Figure 2-1. Allocation of Federal Funds.

To see a PDF file of the above chart, click fedalloc.

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