Chapter 1: Programming and Scheduling Overview


Section 1: Overview

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Process and Objectives

The programming and scheduling process for transportation projects involves numerous steps, including identifying transportation needs, selecting and prioritizing projects, authorizing and scheduling project development, and funding and implementing the work. This process involves the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), metropolitan planning organizations (MPO), local governments, transit providers, citizen groups, and the general public. The results of the programming and scheduling processes are included in the Unified Transportation Program (UTP).

The objectives of the programming and scheduling process include the following:

  • to ensure that the highest priority transportation needs of Texas are fulfilled on a timely basis
  • to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state requirements
  • to authorize the development of projects consistent with fiscal resources
  • to integrate the roles and responsibilities of TxDOT, MPOs, cities, and counties in project selection and prioritization
  • to provide sufficient, high-priority projects in the development “pipeline” to effectively utilize all available local, state, and federal funds.
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