Section 3: State-Funded Highway Programs

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State-funded highway programs have been established to supplement and complement the federal-aid program. In total, the UTP includes programs for improving mobility (new location highways and added capacity); reconstruction, restoration, rehabilitation and resurfacing (4 R projects); safety improvements; operational improvements; and some preventive maintenance.

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State Funding Areas

Federal-aid programs provide funding for many of these transportation needs. The remaining needs are included in state-funded highway programs that have been established to:

  • fulfill state statutory requirements
  • fill the gaps in the federal-aid programs
  • address transportation needs which do not qualify for federal aid
  • effectively use the state funds remaining after the federal-aid matching requirements have been met
  • provide for special transportation needs.

State-funded highway programs include the following: State Preventive Maintenance, Rehabilitation of Texas Farm to Market (FM) Roads, Texas FM Road Expansion, State Park Roads, Traffic Control Devices, Rehabilitation of Traffic Management Systems, State District Discretionary, State Funded Mobility, NAFTA Discretionary, Urban Streets, State Rehabilitation, and several smaller miscellaneous programs. Program areas that may include totally state-funded projects are the Strategic Priority Program and the Hurricane Evacuation Routes Program.

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