Section 2: UTP Components

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UTP components include:

See the subsections below for a discussion of these components.

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Highway Projects

The combined chapters in this manual fully explain the highway component of the UTP.


Aviation Projects

The aviation component of the UTP is the Aviation Capital Improvement Program (CIP), a plan for general aviation airport development in Texas. The TxDOT Aviation Division is responsible for developing this component of the UTP. It contains a detailed listing of potential projects based on the anticipated funding levels of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program and the Texas Aviation Facilities Development Program.

The Aviation CIP facilitates general aviation airport development in Texas. Through multi-year programming, the FAA, TxDOT, and airport sponsors are able to anticipate airport needs and accommodate changes in project scope, cost, and schedule more easily. The project participants know when projects are scheduled, and they can plan for implementation.

Refer to the Aviation Division Manual for details regarding the development of the CIP.


Public Transportation Projects

The public transportation component of the UTP includes projects and programs authorized for development with the transit funding administered by TxDOT. Refer to the Public Transportation Division Manual for details regarding the development of the public transportation programs. The programs included are Section 5311, Rural and Non-Urbanized Transit, and Section 5310, Elderly/Disabled Transportation.

The Public Transportation section of the UTP is for informational purposes only. Actual funding for this area is provided through a separate Commission Minute Order after the Public Transportation Division has properly coordinated with other entities.

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