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Section 22: Cleanup

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Joint Paper

The paper used for the construction of transverse joints must be collected from the side of the road for proper disposal.

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Spilled Asphalt

Sometimes small quantities of asphalt are inadvertently spilled where distributors were loaded and around the heater units. Any spilled asphalt should be removed and disposed of properly.

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Stockpile Area

All excess aggregate at the stockpile area must be removed. Any trash must also be removed, and the area should be left in a condition acceptable to TxDOT.

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Signs and Barricades

All warning signs and barricades used on the project must be removed from the area after the project has been accepted. Ensure all construction sign supports are completely removed to avoid future tire damage.

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Repairs to Damaged Property

Carefully inspect the areas around stockpiles and any other area where equipment has been used. Fences, mailboxes, and other private property should be inspected for damage and any damages must be repaired.

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