Chapter 5: Duties of Inspector or Crew Chief

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Section 1: Authority of Inspector

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An inspector serves as a representative of the project engineer. The project engineer has direct responsibility to ensure that all the work is performed in accordance with the contract that includes all plans, specifications, and other documents associated with the project. The engineer’s decisions are final with regards to questions of quality or acceptability of materials furnished and work performed; the manner of performance and rate of progress; the interpretations of plans and specifications; and the acceptable fulfillment of the contract. Inspectors have the authority to enforce all the requirements of the contract, and they can shut the job down, if necessary. All the work, materials, and equipment on a project should be inspected. The contract and relevant plans, specifications, special provisions, and the work schedule should be thoroughly understood by the inspector. The Contract Administration Handbook CCAMand Item 5 of the Standard Specifications provide more detail on the authority of the inspector.

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Inspection of Materials and Work

Before any materials are used on a seal coat project, they must be sampled, inspected, tested, and approved by TxDOT. Inspection is also required in the preparation or manufacture of materials. Any work in which materials are used without prior testing and approval or written permission of the project engineer may be ordered removed and replaced.

Inspectors are authorized to inspect all work performed on the project. In the case of any dispute arising between the contractor and inspector regarding the work performed or materials furnished, inspectors have the authority to reject materials or suspend work until the issue can be resolved by the engineer.

The inspector is not authorized to revoke, alter, or release the contractor from any requirement of the contract. The inspector cannot approve or accept any portion of the work nor issue any instructions contrary to the plans and specifications. The inspector will not act as supervisor, perform other duties for the contractor, nor interfere with the contractor’s management of the work.

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