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Section 2: Duties of the Inspector or Crew Chief

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Inspectors are responsible for verifying that all materials, equipment, and work meet the requirements of the specifications, special provisions, and plans. When seal coat work is performed by state forces, the crew chief has the responsibility of both the chief inspector and supervisor.

It is recommended that a seal coat project have a minimum of three people in the inspection team. The chief inspector should be well trained and experienced with all aspects of seal coat work. It is recommended that the same inspection team be used throughout the district each year to promote consistency and improve seal coat performance. The duties of the inspection team may be divided as shown below:

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  • Inspector 1 (Chief Inspector): Inspect the overall job, including traffic control, and determine the asphalt and aggregate application rates.
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  • Inspector 2: Monitor the binder application and control the rate based on instructions from the chief inspector.
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  • Inspector 3: Monitor the aggregate application and control the spread rate based on instructions from the chief inspector. Inspect the rolling operation.

Inspectors should report to the project engineer, usually through the chief inspector, concerning the progress of the work and the manner in which it is being performed. Any deviation from the plans or specifications must be brought to the attention of the chief inspector, engineer, and the contractor.

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The inspector (or crew chief on state-force work) generally has the following duties:

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  • Thoroughly understand the specifications, special provisions, and plans prior to the beginning of the project.
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  • Ensure that aggregate stockpiles are adequate and are conveniently located.
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  • Ensure that asphalt storage heating facilities are adequate.
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  • Inspect all equipment to be used on the job.
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  • Sample both aggregate and asphalt materials as required.
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  • Monitor the temperature of the pavement surface, air, and asphalt binder.
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  • Adjust binder and aggregate application rates.
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  • Ensure the amounts of aggregate and asphalt used on the project are accurately recorded.
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  • Inspect the quality of the finished project and bring any deficiencies to the attention of the contractor and engineer.
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  • Ensure all reasonable precautions are taken to provide for the safety of the traveling public and all personnel involved in the project.
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  • Establish and maintain a professional working relationship with the contractor’s personnel.
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  • Perform other duties as directed by the chief inspector, engineer, or their supervisor.

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