Manual Notice: 2017-1

From: C. Michael Lee, P.E. Director, Maintenance Division

Manual: Seal Coat and Surface Treatment Manual

Effective Date: March 01, 2017



The Seal Coat and Surface Treatment Manual has been revised to bring it up to date with current policies, practices and terminology. Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9 have been updated.



Chapter 1: Now begins with a general overview of Pavement Preservation. Some photos in Chapter 1 have been updated to provide better examples of topics covered. A new discussion of Surface Treatments Defects has been added to Section 4.

Chapter 2: Explains how the Pavement Management Information System (PMIS) can be used and shows a sample PMIS Report.

Chapter 3: Adds a section on the use of asphalt cement for seal coats and some new illustrations.

Chapter 4: Adds a new section on Transversely Varying Asphalt Rates (TVAR) to better match the needs of the existing pavement.

Chapter 8: The "Temperature" discussion in Section 2 has been rewritten to give more detailed suggestions. A sentence is added to Section 8 to clarify that a contractor must furnish a volumetric calibration and strap stick for the distributor tank during asphalt applications. Section 9 now refers to the 2014 TxDOT Standard Specifications for filling trucks for contractors.

Chapter 9: Adds a link to a video describing how seal coats are an important part of TxDOT's preventive maintenance program.



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