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Section 16: Patching or Hand Work

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There are many things that can occur during the seal coat operation requiring some minor patching or hand work. A crew of two or three people is sometimes assigned the responsibility for patching. They should be equipped with a pickup containing a supply of aggregate, shovels, push brooms, and sometimes buckets with patching asphalt and swabs or mops to apply it. They usually follow behind the chain of haul trucks and make repairs before the rollers reach the troubled spot.

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Immediate Repairs

The patching crew may be required to make minor, on-the-spot repairs that will not interrupt the seal coat process. These repairs may include the following:

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  • Removing and/or brooming small mounds of excess spilled aggregate on top of the sealed surface. The majority may be shoveled back into the truck and the remainder swept to the side of the shoulder.
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  • Occasionally a double layer of asphalt may be sprayed on a joint. This usually happens because the joint paper was not exactly at the edge of the aggregate when a joint was made. Asphalt may ooze up through the aggregate at this point. All the patching crew can do is cover the asphalt with additional aggregate to prevent it from sticking to the roller tires. Later, it should be removed and the section replaced. Otherwise, there will be a noticeable bump.
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  • Sometimes asphalt splashes outside the coverage of the spreader. These streaks of asphalt must be covered with aggregate so the asphalt will not stick to the roller tires.
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  • Removal of grass or clay balls. If the patching crew finds any grass or clay balls that have passed through the spreader, it is their responsibility to remove the contaminants and replace with aggregate.
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  • If a spot has been missed by the asphalt distributor because of a clogged nozzle, or any other reason, the patching crew should apply asphalt on the bare spot followed by aggregate.
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Delayed Repairs

Some repairs are beyond the capability of the patching crew and must be delayed until later. These are usually large areas that have failed for various reasons. The method of repair for these large areas should be determined after discussion with the engineer.

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