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Section 10: Placing Paper Joints

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To ensure an even, straight, and sharp beginning and end of each asphalt shot, paper joints should be placed. Paper joints may or may not be needed for strip/spot seal coat work.

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The most efficient method of placing paper joints is to have two people with a truck assigned to this responsibility. This crew will need a small load of aggregate, shovels, push brooms, and a large roll of heavyweight brown paper or other approved material (36 to 48 inches wide).

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Beginning of Asphalt Shot

At the beginning of an asphalt shot, a strip of paper should be placed across the full width of the lane being sealed and anchored down with a small amount of aggregate spread over the paper. If the distributor operator is inexperienced, a wider mask of paper may be needed. A second or third sheet of paper can be placed adjacent to the first, overlapping each one by at least 2 or 3 inches.

Any aggregate that has spilled onto the pavement surface should be swept away. As soon as the distributor has started the shot, the paper should be removed. Figure 8‑3 shows a typical paper joint being placed.

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End of Asphalt Shot

At the end of the asphalt shot, another paper joint must be placed. It is placed just like the first joint except that the rear edge of the paper is placed on the mark for the end of the shot. The asphalt distributor sprayer will be turned off as the spray bar passes over the paper.

Placing a Paper Joint at Beginning of Shot. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i1000212grtop

Figure 8-3. Placing a Paper Joint at Beginning of Shot.

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Subsequent Asphalt Shots with Multiple Distributors

As soon as one distributor has completed an asphalt shot, the paper joint should be pulled to the side of the road and disposed of later. Before the next distributor begins the next shot, aggregate should be spread by shovel over the fresh asphalt where the paper joint is to be placed for the starting joint of the next shot. Another paper joint is placed over the end to form a starting joint for the next shot.

Care must be taken to clean all excess aggregate off the unsealed pavement to preserve the clean, sharp end. The edge of the paper should be positioned exactly above the end of the asphalt shot as shown in Figure 8‑4.

Paper Joint in Place at Beginning of Second
Shot. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i1000218grtop

Figure 8-4. Paper Joint in Place at Beginning of Second Shot.

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