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Section 4: Preconstruction Meeting

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When all sampling and testing has been accomplished, and before work begins, it is necessary for the Contractor and his representatives to meet with TxDOT’s representatives. During this meeting a “game plan” is developed and final details are worked out.

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Meeting Objectives

Specifically, the preconstruction meeting should meet the following objectives:

Meeting All Personnel Involved. The preconstruction meeting allows the contractor and his foreman and supervisors to meet the project engineer, chief inspector, and the other project inspectors. This is sometimes the first time these two groups have ever met each other in person.

Establish Working Relationship. The preconstruction meeting provides an opportunity to establish a harmonious, yet professional working relationship between key personnel involved in the project. It is necessary for TxDOT personnel to be able to work in harmony with the contractor’s personnel; otherwise, every day of the project can be agony. Yet, as representatives of the taxpayers of Texas, a professional image must be maintained.

Define Responsibilities. All project personnel must be aware of the chain of command or escalation ladder in the event of project-related conflicts.

Define Work Schedule. TxDOT and the contractor should agree on a work schedule that defines the roadways to be seal coated. General agreement should be reached on the sequence of lanes to be sealed, and any unique features should be discussed.

Review Traffic Control. Traffic control and handling must be discussed. It is critically important to ensure the safety of the traveling pubic during construction projects. Traffic handling methods, devices, signs, and barricades must be discussed in detail. Emphasis should be placed on the correct flagging procedures.

Identify Work Days and Holidays. By contract, a project must be completed within a specified number of days. The contractor should inform the engineer if he intends to work any weekends or holidays.

Miscellaneous. Any other pertinent information concerning the project should be discussed at this meeting. Both TxDOT and contractor’s representatives should leave the meeting with a full understanding of the project.

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There is no specific rule as to who should attend the preconstruction meeting. The contractor should be represented by the project supervisor, foreman, and any other supervisory personnel on the project. It is highly recommended that the following TxDOT personnel attend (as a minimum):

If traffic is expected to be a major factor, sometimes the Department of Public Safety (DPS) will be represented. Occasionally, a representative of the local police department will attend, especially if the project is located in a major metropolitan area. This police inclusion is recommended.

Any other people who have a direct interest or responsibility in the project may be invited to attend. This may include the district public information and safety representatives, Federal Highway Administration personnel, and occasionally, a representative of the asphalt supplier, especially if a special binder is specified.

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