Chapter 9: Public Perception and Complaints

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Section 1: Handling Complaints

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All complaints should be documented and handled in a courteous, professional, and timely manner. The following typical complaints may come from the public during or after placement of a seal coat or surface treatment:

During contract seal coat work, any complaints of the above nature should be directed to the contractor. During the preconstruction meeting, a phone number should be obtained from the contractor to answer these types of complaints. After contract seal coat work is completed, these complaints should be handled by the local TxDOT office.

If the seal coat work is being performed by state forces, each complaint should be investigated on an individual basis by the appropriate district personnel. If action is necessary, it should be handled in a timely manner.

For complete TxDOT policy and procedure for handling complaints, see Chapter 2, Section 5 of the Occupational Safety Manual.

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