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Section 4: Removing Pavement Markers

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If directed, raised pavement markers should be removed from the pavement and disposed of properly in preparation for seal coat work. The best time to remove pavement markers is early in the day when temperatures are cooler. This can be accomplished with a motor grader, front-end loader, or other acceptable methods. Figure 8‑2 illustrates a motor grader removing pavement markers. If pavement becomes damaged due to marker removal, pavement repair may be necessary. If marker removal is consistently causing pavement damage, consult with the appropriate engineer. Item 677, Eliminating Existing Pavement Markings and Markers, of TxDOT’s Standard Specifications, governs this function.

Removal of Raised Pavement Markers. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i999225grtop

Figure 8-2. Removal of Raised Pavement Markers.

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